So what is it about people still going on about ‘photos produced by film as opposed to digital?

Some people say that a ‘photo taken by digital  ‘has no soul’ in it’s perfection and clarity. An interesting thought as we keep seeing photographers adding ‘film grain’ and ‘sepia colours’ to their digital image stock to give them the ‘old traditional film’ look!

We are one of the few photographic studios remaining who still use both types of media on a regular basis. ‘Horses for Courses’ we say and although a great deal of our work is now done using top-notch digital equipment, we STILL find that there is the demand for images that originate from FILM.

Traditional Portrait Sessions by MDO Studio

Our standard price for a 30 minute portrait session using FILM as the media is £40 Understandably more than digital as there are material costs involved. We will normally take a few digital test shots at a film shoot to give you a ‘preview’ of the results to come.

After your shoot, the film will be processed - of course - and test scans made to allow us to send you the results to choose your photos from.

All prints purchased will be printed using traditional methods (i.e. with chemicals in a dark room) thus you know you will be receiving a print or prints, that should last for a very long time to come.

Yes, we can certainly take colour film as well .Please ask for prices.



It is NOT our policy to charge rip-off prices for enlargements, hence deter our customers from ordering just what they want.

Prices for a top quality 10”x 8” monochrome enlargement produced by traditional methods and guaranteed to last a very long time, starts at just £15.00 with NO minimum quantity per order.

Contact us for all other sizes and finishes, mounts, frames etc. etc.   - Please note that we currently produce almost all our black and white AND colour archive enlargements IN HOUSE.

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