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We offer both amateur and professional photographers the opportunities to attend both in-studio and outdoor on-location workshops.


Weekday evenings        - for both beginners & pro’s

For those photographers interested in the idea of taking pictures  of a professional model with a studio setup, these workshops offer the perfect opportunity. For just £55 all-in, we provide a professional model, hall hire, plus a full professional lighting equipment with accessories.

For each workshop we try to provide both a different model and theme. Along with conventional pro. flash gear, we will on occasions utilise specific lighting effects to add interest to the evening.

Tuition and guidance will provided on the night, plus proper technical support to ensure that YOU go away with some great photos for your album - Not forgetting the experience gained.  Shooting with like-minded people and a carefully chosen model is a fantastic way to learn more about this side of photography, plus begin to understand the little understood ‘black art’ of studio lighting! There will of course be plenty of opportunity for each photographer to direct the model for their particular shots.

Only ONE person shoots at a time and with small group numbers there is never any battling to attract the attention of the model. Things normally work out that each photographer takes a few shots, then hands over to the next whilst he or she checks their ‘photos. Having done this they re-join the short queue again and watch how the others perform, so that with their next ‘go’ they have some more new ideas to try.

You can either contact us to learn more, or perhaps check for available workshop dates on our BOOKINGS PAGE.    ~ LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE!   ~

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OUTDOOR WORKSHOPS  - once again these are directed at both beginners & pro’s.

To compliment our in-house workshops,  we currently offer TWO types of outdoor on-location photographer’s workshop. These start at £65 per person.

1)  TRASH THE DRESS wedding and prom dress shoots, where we use a pro. model. to cover several different scenarios in an afternoon. Yes, this is a REAL opportunity to photograph a professional model wearing a MODERN wedding dress in some totally inappropriate scenarios!

TRASH THE DRESS / COUNTRY CASUALS workshop shoot. This is where our pro. model dons her best business suit or expensive plaid outfit to go and sleep in a subway, do her washing in a local lake, or maybe simply dress in her best tartan to fish for plastic ducks?  . Some quite unique photos to be had on these workshops for anyone with an adventurous mind as we’re always open to new ideas!

Once again go to our Trash the Dress site to learn more and find the next available shoot date.

 Alternatively, if you are just interested in the next available workshop dates then go straight to our BOOKINGS PAGE


Here we give photographers to opportunity to learn about the camera equipment they’re currently using at the same time as taking some really great shots of either London or Guildford. There’s ample subject material in both cities for experimenting with different camera shooting techniques, lighting conditions and effects. Discover features of your camera you were either unaware of or didn’t fully understand. Perfect for all types of cameras from simply point and shoot devices up to full digital SLRs.

We also welcome LOMO and real FILM photographers as well and can even offer our lab. services to process their film afterwards if required!

If you want to check out our next available workshop dates then go straight to our BOOKINGS PAGE

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Example studio workshop images

Trash the Dress record shot

Classic ‘Trash the Dress’ workshop image

Country Casuals Workshop example

’Country Casuals workshop image

Summary - If you enjoy photography and are always looking for something different and new to take photographs of, then how about joining us for a pleasant afternoons relaxation, fun and education!

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