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A portfolio is used in the modelling industry, the theatre and television, as a visual record of an applicant’s many different ‘looks’ which will allow an interested client to evaluate whether or not he or she might be a suitable candidate for their intended use, be it promoting a certain product or presenting some latest fashion in it’s best light. It is therefore most important to realise that as ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, a FULL portfolio cannot be built up from a single photographic session, however skilled the photographer might be at his or her craft.

Although we will of course provide you with a good selection of shots in the single session as a solid basis for your portfolio, you will probably wish to add to it from time to time to keep it up to date, when, for instance, you have a change of hair style or colour.

Family or candid shots are unlikely to be of sufficient quality to be used in your portfolio, although they might be of use to take along to a future photo-shoot to try and replicate under better conditions.

Helpful hint of the day   -    Never pad out your portfolio with indifferent shots and poor quality photographs ‘cos people generally only remember the BAD ones they see!

Black & White or Colour?
One only has to open a magazine or look at a TV advert to realize that there are an increasing number of images created in black and white, showing that it is important to have both types in your portfolio. It is far easier for the client to sum up your looks by seeing a couple of monochrome shots in front of him/her rather than having to try and imagine them.
How large should a portfolio be?
Everyone has to start somewhere so at first it may only contain a handful of pictures. There is absolutely no point in filling it with second-rate images as people tend to remember the bad as opposed to the good ones. Indeed, it is true to say that as a portfolio is being built, earlier images may lose favour over new ones and be duly exchanged, thus keeping the collection up-to-date and fresh looking.
Starting a portfolio

One should start a portfolio by employing an expert in the field to take a selection of image in a session lasting on-average around 2 hours. This is deliberately a ‘ball-park’ figure allowing for the fact that some wishing to enter into a career in modelling will already have an instinctive feel for what will look good on camera, wheras with others it may take a little longer. In this first session there is absolutely no point in taking along two dozen different outfits to be photographed in. Modelling can be hard work - something that some folks just do not appreciate! After two hours, most will have had enough, certainly for their first session.
How large should the pictures be in your portfolio?
Most agree that 10” by 8” picture is about the right size for a portfolio. However,  that is not to say that the model has to try and afford a wad of photographs of this size each time she goes to a photo shoot. What most will do is have a set of smaller images produced, then at their leisure, choose a couple that are good enough to justify the larger prints.As a general rule we have little call for printing anything much larger than 12” by 16” in-house.

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So what does a portfolio shoot cost then?

For a basic portfolio shoot we can offer a set of photos by either film or digital media. Our prices start from £70 for a basic 1 hour starter session. For comp. card work we suggest a  more intensive  2 - 2 1/2 hour sesssion, costing £110.00  Usually the pictures will be of digital origin and supplied on a CDROM with rights provided for their use for promotional purposes. For medium format or 35mm film options please contact us for a quotation and more examples. Click on the button below to see some example portfolio images taken here at MDO.

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We believe in transparency with our prices, but are aware that all too many similar businesses like to add ‘extras’ to an apparently low initial cost. Thus we can confirm:-

Our Basic Shoot for 1 hour includes:

I hour studio session with simple changes of clothing, background and lighting, PLUS:-

a CDROM will a full set (generally 25+) of high-res, full-size images included from the shoot. With licensing for your own promotional usage.

Our full comp.card portfolio session includes:

2 - 2 1/2 hours studio session with more complex backdrop, lighting and clothing / hair / make-up changes, PLUS:-

a CDROM will a full set (generally 50+) of high-res, full-size images included from the shoot. With licensing for your own promotional usage.

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