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MY TOP 10 Modelling Tips By Valentina

1 PUNCTUALITY: Always arrive 15 minutes early for a job.

2 PERSISTANCE: Success is attainable for those who work hard.

3 PATIENCE: Don't take rejection personally, even super-models hear the word NO!

4 RESPONSIBILITY is KEY: Don't do drugs ever!

5 BE PREPARED: Have available your current portfolio, composites, wardrobe, résumé's, vouchers, agenda, training, classes, directions, specifics, details, contact info.

Amongst other things, your Model Bag should contain:

a. Baby wipes

b. Nude undergarments

c. Clean shoes

d. White tennis shoes

e. Makeup / deodorant

f. Face scarf

g. Hairspray

h. Spare pair of tights

i. Brush

j. Clear nail polish remover

Know your terminology:

a. First option refusal / hold

b. Booker

c. Booking

d. Casting

e. Agent

f. Talent

g. Extra


a) Print:

1/ Editorial

2/ Commercial

3/ Advertising

4/ Lifestyle

b) Commercial:

1/ National

2/ Regional

3/ Union - Non-Union

4/ Screen Actors Guild

5/ Residuals

c) Runway

d) Films

e) Conventions

6 BE A TEAM PLAYER: Cooperation is important


8 HAVE FUN: Modelling is not microsurgery, but pay attention, focus, be serious about your work

9 WHEN SHOOTING THINK ABOUT SOMETHING: Pleasant, funny, relaxing, sad, curious, etc., because the eyes are the windows of expression

10 BE YOURSELF: Express your natural personality, because that is what people want.

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