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In most households, I guarantee there will be at least one very old photograph that is of sentimental value. In the majority of cases, this will be a one-off item with little chance of ever locating the original negative.

To an ever growing number of people, it will be a relatively simple task to make a copy of this using their home computer connected to a scanner and suitable printer. Whilst this relatively simple technique may produce satisfactory results, there is no guarantee that the picture will not fade within a short period of time, contrary to the impressive life expectancy figures submitted by leading electronic printer manufacturers.

Whilst the quality of inkjet inks and dyes must be improving as time goes by, my own experience suggests that there is still a long way to go before it is guaranteed that all printing supplies bought over the counter will neither fade or be affected by moisture in the air.

It also might be surprising to learn that BLACK AND WHITE pictures are the most difficult to properly reproduce. Expensive inkjet printers help solve this by using several shades of  BLACK ink in the printer; a feature rarely, if ever found on medium to lower priced printers.


Our photograph copying service can be broken down into two distinct operations. 1) Creating the negative. 2) Printing your photographic copies from the negative.


We offer TWO variations here. Our SILVER service for prints up to and including 7”x 5” and our GOLD service for either any image OVER 7”x 5” or for the highest quality image from a 7”x 5” photograph or smaller

Why the choice? In all walks of life there are choices such as these, such as what car we drive and what size TV we watch. For all intensive purposes, our SILVER service for 7" x 5" prints will almost certainly be perfectly adequate for most uses. (Such as a photo mounted behind glass in a frame on a side-board or unit) However, we can offer our GOLD service for this size and below, for a premium rate as there will always be some who simply want the best copy that can realistically be made. The price difference reflects the higher cost of the alternative copying method we use to create the negative. That is all.


SILVER SERVICE NEGATIVES  only for 7”x5” prints and smaller  £12.00

GOLD SERVICE NEGATIVES for all print sizes  £17.00

COPIES up to 7”x 5”    First copy £7.50    Subsequent copies with order   £6.50

COPIES over 7” x 5” up to and including 10” x 8”  First copy £15.00   Subsequent copies with order  13.50

Contact us for copies larger than 10” x 8” in size, for colour archive pictures, or for multiple negative orders made at the same time.


Picture to the left is of a recent photograph copied to 7”x 5” with our SILVER service.

The cost to the customer for this single copy photograph was therefore £19.50 in total.

A GOLD service 10” x 8” copy to the right, with the original with border shown above it. Please note that for both our GOLD and SILVER services, we copy to black and white with no attempt made to tone the print a sepia colour. This can be achieved at an additional cost, either by colour copying or toning. Please contact us for more details.

Several copies of this old photograph were made in one session using our GOLD service. The actual print was mounted on card and was over 10” x 8” with the image itself roughly 8” x 6”. The total cost of making the first copy was £32.00 with the subsequent archive copies (made at the same time) being £13.50 each.


Having been asked on numerous occasions just how good the copy quality is of our Gold Service, please click  * HERE *  if you would like to see a high-resolution scan of one of our recent copies. Please note that the image is quite large and will therefore take a few minutes to appear if you are using a dial-up connection


1) Please contact us first, if you do not hold the copyright for the image or do not know who took the original photograph.

2) No copies are perfect. The human eye is capable of distinguishing minute differences in sharpness, contrast and brightness. Whilst we endeavour to make your copy close to the appearance of the original,  there will be discernable differences, albeit small ones. For anyone seeking the perfect copy, we suggest that you might like to look around for an alternative supplier who can guarantee an identical copy.

3) It is not practical to make the borders of most photographic copies identical to those on the original as we often find them to be slightly off-true. (not parallel) Our copies try to keep as much of the original photograph in the copy as realistic.

The time to make photographic copies can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. If an urgent service is required, please contact us to make alternative arrangements.

Lastly, we come to our liability clause. Unlike the big photo labs who try to dictate that any material sent it’s way has no more value than the value of the material itself, we accept that your photographs have value - hence you wouldn’t be contemplating handing them over to us to have copies made. However, we have to set a limit on the value of any photograph accepted for copying to £30.00 per photograph. If you feel that yours is of a greater value than this, then you must make us aware of the fact at the time of handing it over, with additional insurance cover arranged and paid for by the owner. Any damage / tears  / marks will also be noted for any value photograph when it is handed over for copying.

For all copying enquiries please use the following email address:

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