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In this tough economic climate, many business (smaller ones in particular) are seeking ways to cut their costs. One way to do this is not to have properly produced professional product pictures taken. The problem then being that there is nothing that spoils an advert more than a poorly produced product photograph or corporate headshot.

To give the maximum number of businesses the opportunity to have decent product ‘photos taken, our standard in-studio product shoots have been adjusted to start from just £12.00 inclusive, including short notice booking.

This being for a shoot that is up to 1/4 hour (15 minutes) in length.

Often this is all the time you need for a basic product shoot and is certainly sufficient for one or two corporate headshots. So how do we do this? For a start, this is NOT a ‘special offer’ or a sweetener for future business, but is simply our standard rate that is aimed to appeal particularly to smaller businesses.

Our commercial hourly rate has been divided up to allow for the business with everything ready to hand, to come along to a pre-arranged appointment and have those all-important high quality promotional or products professionally shot for a minimum outlay.

With our package, there is no customary minimum time of one or two hours to pay for when the shoot only takes a few minutes. We can therefore pass on the savings to YOU..

”Ah but there must be a catch!” I hear some people say. Absolutely not! We’ve been here in Grayshott, East Hampshire for over 25 years and have many very satisfied customers to show for it.

Not only do we regularly take product photographs for several National Magazines and a very well known Clothing Catalogue (though these people don’t like their suppliers to advertise the fact), we also handle the needs of many local businesses.



If you ever need a ‘model’ for your advertising but don’t really want to risk spoiling your all-important adverts by using a member of your family or a friend, we can now offer a cut-price ALL INCLUSIVE shoot with an experienced pro’ model for under £100 Remember that this figure is inclusive of our pictures. Just ask us for more details.


Before you arrive we’ll need to know exactly what we’ll be shooting and against what colour backdrop. (We have a wide selection for you to choose from) This will enable us to have the lights and drop all set up and ready. Something that otherwise takes up valuable time when you’re here.

In order for our minimum-time plan to successfully work for your shoot, you need to have everything ready and prepared. You will also need to ensure that you’ll have absolutely everything you might need with you on the day. Maybe include a sheet of details pertaining to the order you think best to take the pictures and the number of angles / shots of each product.

If you are looking for our cheapest £12 shoot then we politely ask that you bring your payment with you. There is nothing less cost-effective for us to do than start chasing businesses up for non-payment of a tenner.... You will of course receive a proper receipt for your payment by email.

After your shoot, the checked and corrected images will be forwarded to you using *Dropbox as soon as we receive your payment. If you pay on the spot, we’ll endeavour to have these done by the conclusion of that working day.


*Dropbox saves both time and money by letting you have your images full-sized but without using recordable media such as a CDROM which would normally have had to be posted to you.

How does it work? We will email you a simple LINK. You click on the link and your pictures will be there in front of you to view and download at your leisure. It’s as simply as that. No worry about having a CDROM drive in the device you’re using either. 

Displayed above are a small handful of commercial product images from recent shoots in our studio which have subsequently been used for either National magazine, catalogue or Internet publication.

For full details, general enquiries or bookings for shoots, please either contact us either by email or by ‘phone.

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