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Within some areas of the modelling industry a modelís size is very important. Whilst there can be a degree of flexibility within the following list, it should at least give you a good idea of what is likely to be deemed acceptable and what is not.


Height requirements vary for agencies dealing with different areas of modelling. General height requirements for models,are as follows:

1. Fashion / Editorial : Runway shows and high fashion magazines (editorial)

HEIGHT: 5'9" minimum and 5'10" minimum for catwalk (it is not uncommon for the larger agencies not to see any female models under 5'9".

BUST: 34 B: (some "C" cups accepted but anything larger than that will not get you into a major agency for this type of modelling).

WAIST: 23"-24"

HIPS: 34"-35 1/2" Measured across the fullest part of the body at thigh level - not how most people measure their hips.

WEIGHT: Roughly 8st.7 to 8st.12 [for a 5'9" model] i.e. you must slip easily into a standard size 8/10

EXERCISE: Toned bodies are a must - remember that this is a competitive industry.

2. Commercial Agency : Catalogue and magazine / TV advertising

HEIGHT: 5'8" Not usually as strict as fashion agencies - some take on models 5'6" +

3. Glamour Agency / Topless and / or Nude work

HEIGHT: Relatively unimportant.

4. Petite Agency: Fashion and Commercial work

HEIGHT: 5'6"-5'8" Most larger agencies will not use petite models under 5'6" as most markets use petites 5'6" up to 5'8" - I know, not what is generally thought of as petite, but fashion and catalogue-wise this is the norm.

5. Plus Size Agency : Plus Size Fashion / Commercial work

HEIGHT: 5'8"+

DRESS: 12-18 (the majority of plus models that get the really good jobs are size 12/14)

What better person to speak about modelling as a career than Valentina, who is herself a professional fashion / commercial model:

The World of Modelling? My modelling business has taken me to many exotic locations such as The South Pacific, French West Indies, Spain, Italy, Australia and personal favorite, Costa Rica. The exploration coupled with the modelling jobs has been equally rewarding. In Costa Rica I had the greatest time as we were filming for a TV special. They had us swinging from trees, 100 feet above the ground (with harnesses of course). It was thrilling, exciting and scary but extremely fulfilling when it was all over.

Meeting new people of diverse cultures has always been exciting and fascinating to me and the modelling career that I have chosen gives me plenty of opportunities to meet people of all ethnic groups and learn. The world is much bigger than cities or states or countries. All people share a common interest and I love to explore those commonalities.


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