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Finding an Agent:

It is advisable to find an agency to both represent and promote you as a model. Their job is to sell you and remember that it is you that employ them. You will need to pay your agency for the job they do (i.e. they will earn their commission).

A very important issue often overlooked is modelling from the personal SAFETY angle. Take a quick glance at: when you have a spare moment.

and now some DONTs ( we might make some enemies here, but - hey, who cares!)


  • Pay to join a modelling agency.
  • Sign up with agencies who sell expensive, useless classes as any good legitimate agency will teach you what you need to know for free.
  • Become involved with any agency that sells in-house photography resulting in a portfolio all shot by a single person - this is a major no-no that is all too common. Remember that a good portfolio will be shot over a period of time by numerous photographers, thus reflecting your many different looks using several photographic styles.

Signing up for an Fashion Agency:

  • Start by building your portfolio. It only matters to have a couple of good shots to start off with. A bulging folder containing a large number of indifferent shots will do you no favours as everyone will only remember the bad ones :(
  • Amongst these, ensure that you have some full-face shots (preferably wearing minimal make-up) and some full-length body shots. Wear something that shows off your figure, like a swimsuit or a cute outfit - again with minimal make-up. (Using too much make-up will make you look too 'glamour girl' for a fashion model agency)
  • Select just two photos at this point, (one head and one figure) that will show you at your best. You will need to have several copies made of these so that they can be left with each agency you visit or contact by mail. Most people agree that these need be no more than 10 x 8 in size.
  • Write your name, address and telephone number on the back of each photo.

Visiting Fashion Agencies:

Call in on any agencies you are interested in during office hours and find out their times of opening for new faces.Ask if it is necessary to have an appointment. (some do and some dont)

For goodness sake, if you need to make an appointment BE ON TIME! When you show your photos, most agencies will tell you there and then if they are interested. If you are turned down (which, unfortunately, is usually the case) LISTEN to their reasons why. If they tell you that you are too short for modelling, ask them if they know of any agencies in your area accepting more petite models.

It is possible that they may give the excuse that you are too commercial or glamour looking. If this is the case, believe in yourself and ask if they know of any agencies who are that way orientated.

Mailing Agencies:

You may wish to try mailing any agencies that are less of a convenient distance away. Simply send your photographs with a stamped addressed envelope (as you will want them returned - no SAE usually means they will not return them) with a brief note to the person dealing with any new faces at the agency concerned, stating: Height, Bust (and cup), Waist and Hip measurements (in inches). Age, Hair and Eye color, not forgetting Dress and Shoe size. Allow the agency adequate time to process your information and come back to you.

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